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During this period of our stay in Egypt, His Eminence Panteleimon wrote with the help of enlightenment Grace of the Holy Spirit and published for the spiritual growth of the Church the following books, which were distributed free to the faithful, Greeks and Arabs Orthodox.


1.     The Holy Catechism in Arabic, 2nd Edition, (1000 books).


2.     The Small Paraclesis to the Theotokos in Greek and Arabic (1000 books).


3.     The Akathist Hymn in Greek and Arabic (1000 books).


4.     The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom for the use of the faithful in Greek and Arabic (1000 books).


5.     The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom for the use of the Clergymen in Greek and Arabic (20 books).


6.     TheLiturgicalHolyGospelinGreekandArabic (100 books).


7.     The Incarnation of the Word in ArabicΗΕνσάρκωσητουΛόγουστηνΑραβική, (1000 books).


8.     The Greek Orthodox Patriachal Church of Ss George and Nicholas of Damietta in Arabic (1000 books).


9.      The Holy Week in Greek and Arabic (1000 books).

The above mentioned books, a total of 9,120 (nine thousand one hundred and twenty) books were distributed freely by His Eminence at the following cities of Egypt: Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said, Port Fouad, Damietta, Ismaelia, Heliopolis and Mansourah.  Also, copies were sent to Greece, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and generally to all Orthodox Metropolitans of Greece and the Throne of Alexandria, as well as to all Coptic Metropolitans and Hegoumen of the Coptic Church of Egypt


The book entitled “The Incarnation of the Word” deals with the most important difference between the Greek Orthodox Church and that of the Coptic Church and all the Monophysites (Antichalcedonian Churches of the East) and is a Theological answer to the Christological subject on the Hypostatic Union of the Two Natures in the One Person of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  The text is enriched with many biblical verses and patristic opinions of the Orthodox Church.


The book “Holy Week in Greek and Arabic” has been published for the first time in the history of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.


The book “The Holy Catechism” in Arabic proved to be a helpful instrument, because it offers the Orthodox Teachings to the Arab Orthodox. Till this day the Arab Orthodox in Egypt had no such book.


We stayed in Port Said for five (5) months.  His Eminence Panteleimon together with Waguih, worked day and night, writing and translating in Arabic new books.  His only thoughts were, how to benefit our brothers and sisters Orthodox Arabs.


During this period, Waguih, began to worry, how cn His Eminence find money to publish so many books?  He proposed to His Eminence that His books to be sell, instead of being giving out free.  His Eminence refused and answered always: 


«If it is the Will of God for these books to be published, then God will find a solution. Until this day I never sold any of books, not even one. WhyshouldIbeggingnow?


But, Waguih still insisted, «at least we should ask for a small amount to cover the costs»!  

His Eminence answered, “Let God work His Ways and you shall see in very short time His power and Will”.


The following day, Waguih went to work.  He received a telephone from a complete stranger.


“My name is Joseph K. Hossary.  You do not know me, nor do I know you. But, I know the work of His Eminence Metropoliatn of Antinoes Panteleimon and I want to help him. I need to visit Him”.


Waguih asked him: “Why do you want to visit His Eminence”?


The stranger replied saying: “I heard that He is struggling to write some books in Arabic and I want to assist Him financially, to cover some of His expenses”.


Waguih, amazed, fell from the sky!  That evening he told what happen at his work to His Eminence, and He said: “Did I not tell you to have faith in God and He will take care of everything”?


The books were given out free to all Orthodox Christians and so we returned back to Greece.


His Eminence Panteleimon Metropolitan of Antinoes wishes to express His heartfelt gratitude to all and everyone who helped in the publication of the above mentioned books.  Especially Mr and Mrs Joseph K. Hossary, all Greek Cypriots and specially Mr Panagiotes Mallis and Mr George Tsiakkas, the mebers of the Orthodox Missionary Brotherhood in Germany “St Mark the Evangelist”, and all the known and unknown brothers and sisters who made it possible for the spreading of the Orthodox Missionary Work.

  At the Greek Orthodox Church of Ismaelia. From the left: Miss Evangelia Nyktari, His Eminence Panteleimon, Mr Giannis Stylianou and the driver Mohhamed.




During the translation in Arabic of the book “The Holy Catechism. Questions and Aswers”.

From the left: Mr Waguih Fransis Attalla, Fr. Petros Mazhar and His Eminence Panteleimon Metropolitan of Antinoes.